Up Your Sticker Game


The Perfect Guide!

Needing to elevate your brand to that next level? Want an icebreaker to help meet new business’ and broaden your network? These are just a couple of uses stickers can have for your business. Here we are gonna highlight 10 Uses For Stickers In YOUR Business.



  • Brand Your Equipment – Starting off with one of the most popular uses for our stickers is device/equipment branding. We have produced stickers for the likes of Yammer and Rovio for their company phones and iPad’s. They can even be used for personal branding like your phone, laptop or guitar. Whatever you have, stickers are an awesome edition to spice up any equipment or device just like  




  • Send A Sticky Gift – Who wouldn’t love receiving a sticky piece of joy? Send this amazing gift to anyone you know or even anyone you don’t know who could be a great connection to have. We know that if someone sent a gift to us, it wouldn’t go unappreciated!  




  •  Be Informative – Another popular use for our stickers that lots of customers buy them for is to show information in sticker form. Want to get useful information out to your customers? A stickerfied infographic is the way to do it! Our custom stickers allow you to put whatever info you want and stick it wherever you want.  




  • Guerilla Marketing – Feeling bold? A great way to spread the name of your company, your brand or even a kick-ass design is guerilla marketing. Stick your creation in a busy place and let the masses see it! A great way of brand exposure at a much cheaper price.  




  • Take Your Brand With You – Likewise, with guerilla marketing, another way to get your brand seen by the masses is to stick it on your mode of transport. Whether that’s a car, bike, skateboard, scooter whatever. Stick that bad boy on it and take it everywhere you go!   




  • Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now! – Heading to an event? Stickers are great to give out to customers, potential customers and other businesses. Plus they make a great icebreaker for you to introduce yourself and your business. 




  • Personalise Your Package – If you sell your product online and ship them to customers, why not put your branding on your box so they immediately know who it’s from? Alternatively, they make a great freebie as a thank you inside to accompany any order!  




  • Competitions For Your Customers – What better prize for your loyal customers than some awesome free stickers of your design! Not only do you get great rapport from customers by giving generously, they’re essentially promoting your brand for you when they receive their sticker! Imagine giving all of your loyal customers a free sticker, the reach that would give your brand is enormous!  




  • Selfless Promotion – Don’t be afraid to stick them anywhere and everywhere to promote your brand. Whether that’s sticking them on social media, around the office, on your kids, literally wherever!  




  • Sell ‘Em – For all you illustrators; artists, designers or brands out there! Why not get your creations turned into awesome stickers for you to get your work out there and sold for profit! 



These are just 10 ways we feel you can best use our stickers. That being said the true number is infinite, with new ways of using this versatile product coming up all the time, check out our social media for ideas on how to use our stickers. So, how will you use your STKRS? Head over to stkrs.io and start to BRANDEVERYTHING