5 Changes Every Startup Should Make In 2020

The Guru Guide

Welcome back STKRS followers! The roaring ’20s are here and we have another blog to kick start the decade! This week’s blog is all about changes your business can make in 2020. Don’t worry we’re not gonna tell you why you should buy stickers. Well, at least not in every point… 

5 – Fine-tune Your Mindset 

Kicking off the list is a very personal change we feel everyone should do and that’s fine-tuning your mindset. What you aspects of your mindset that you fine-tune and how is completely up to you as it differs from person to person. We advise having a more open outlook on life, think of changes as opportunities to grow and expand, just by having a different mindset can change the course of your journey for the better and open up so many doors so start now!


4 – Be More Active on Social Media

This one is pretty self-explanatory which is get your company out there in the world of all things social media. Post interactive Tweets, Instagram polls, host competitions add valuable insights to your social stories and ultimately engage with your audience. Social media isn’t just a great place for your customers to learn about you it’s also a great place for you to learn about your customers. 


3 – Attend Events & Conferences

This is one we at STKRS aim to do more of in 2020 and that’s to attend events and conferences. Not only is this a great way to physically meet your customers, clients and businesses alike, it’s also a great way to make new potential customers. Aside from shamelessly plugging our own product we find attending talks, events & conferences vastly expands your knowledge of the community and industry you work in. Whether you’re just attending an event or you’re an exhibition at an event WE can help YOU out! Order custom brand stickers to give away, to stick around and get your brand seen at any event you attend. Plus, they make a great icebreaker to start a conversation, who doesn’t love a freebie? Especially a kick-ass sticker!


2 – Promotion & Growth

Growth is ultimately what all business owners want to achieve but without the correct promotion, this can limit the company’s potential and stall its growth. Start 2020 off right by promoting the correct way, using all of the above as ideas and motivation to get you started and then that’s where we come in to help you promote and grow as a business. No matter where you are or who you are we have stickers for everyone and they are genuinely an awesome way to promote your brand, hence why SO many startups use us! Hand them out at events, stick them on phones, laptops, vehicles or even stick them on yourself! Get your brand seen in 2020 and watch your startup grow. 


1 – Put Your Brand First

This should be your number one priority when growing in 2020 with the obvious exception of putting your customers first. Customers aside, your brand should be at the forefront of everything you think about when growing your business. It is all-encompassing from the way you answer your phones, to the message you send to people looking on your website and the Tweets you put out there. Your brand says everything about your business so make sure you’re always putting out the right one!


We hope you found this week’s blog informative, entertaining and above all it’s made you wanna get some custom stickers! We don’t blame you, you’re only human after all! So head to the All Stickers page, choose the best sticker type for you and get sticky!