5 Reasons Why Merch Is King!


Why You Should Be Marketing Your Business With Merch!

Your brand, it’s your pride and joy. It encompasses everything to do with you and your business. So what better way to show the love you have for your brand than to show the world! Here are 5 reasons why you should be marketing your business with merch! 

5 – It Allows You To Get Creative

Let your creative juices flow and create some everlasting impressions on potential customers with your awesome merch. Turn your logo into something exciting like with our holographic stickers, giving your logo that extra bang!  


4 – It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Sure you can do anything with your brand, get it up on a billboard that people might see or spend all your money on video ads that people will inevitably skip. ORRRR! You could get your brand turned into some merch that you yourself can personalise and choose who sees it or who receives it without costing an arm or a leg! 


3 – Spreads Your Brand Like Butter

Want to spread your brand to the masses in an easy way that breaks the ice simultaneously? Well with STKRS you can! Get your brand printed and give them little bad boys away, to customers, people at events or even your nan! Everyone loves to receive some of that sticky goodness!


2 – It Looks Awesome

This might seem like the obvious one but it’s worth mentioning! Merch looks awesome, people love it and it’s clear to see why. Be proud of your brand, spice up anything by adding brand merch to it. A laptop? skateboard? phone? Yourself? Whatever you choose, make it look awesome and slap your brand on it! 


1 – Allows You To Brandeverything 

This is one of our slogans at STKRS HQ, have we mentioned it before?  Turn your brand into merch and not only can you give it to everyone to see but you can take it everywhere you go! Brand yourself, your office, your vehicle and make sure your brand is always exposed, allowing you to literally BRANDEVERYTHING!