5 Reasons Why Stickers Are The BEST Merch!

Turn Your Brand Sticky With Stickers Merch!

It goes without saying that everyone loves stickers! Ironic I know, but it’s true. It’s been scientifically proven that stickers are the best merch on the planet. You can’t argue with science! Here we are gonna give you 5 reasons why stickers are the best merch for your business!

They elevate your brand to the next level 

Wanna push your brand this year? Get yourself out there and be instantly recognisable? Great! With stickers, they have the potential to do just that. Give them out at events, stick them around share them with everyone you meet and watch your brand grow! Then when you’ve run out, simple! Head back to STKRS and get some more  😁


They’re great icebreakers

Meeting new people and business’ at events can be daunting and not always easy. If you’re like in need of a great icebreaker then stickers are the ultimate conversation starter and make meeting/talking to new people easier than ever before! Who wouldn’t love to receive a sticker right?


You can take your brand wherever you go 

That’s the beauty of stickers, you can take them ANYWHERE you go! Stick them on your vehicle, your laptop, your phone, or the best most effective method – yourself! Sticking them to your stuff is an easy way for you to take your brand and spread it to loads of people without costing any extra! 


Sell your brand

Wanna make more money off YOUR sweet sweet design? Order a big batch of our sticky stickers and sell your brand to your customers or fans alike. It’s your design after all so why not give it the widespread attention it deserves and make some extra dollar while you’re at it. 

Get super creative

Want your brand to stand out? Give it that extra bit of pow!? Or maybe boom or pizzazz ok I’ll stop with the nouns… 

Stickers give you that chance to get extra creative with your designs or logos to make them stand out like adding extra designs, merging designing or even turning your design shiny with our holographic stickers! ooooooohhhhhhh 


Thanks for reading this week’s STKRS Study, if you liked it and you’re now 100% convinced that stickers are the best merch (we know you knew already) then head over to stkrs.io and get sticky!