Brand Everything


Just recently we’ve adopted the statement brand everything into our marketing for our stickers, this points firstly to putting your brand on everything, obviously, with stickers  But the hidden meaning is that everything you do is your brand! The Brand IS Everything

As someone who has an interest in all things branding, I feel like, as a designer, I often need to be reminded about the intangible elements of the brand, the bits that cannot be “branded”.

Modern day “branding” means more than just a logo or a corporate colour and font, today branding is all-encompassing. To better understand branding think of it as the place where your company/startup meets other people.

That mean any areas where customers, services, and suppliers interact with our company, will become synonymous with your “brand”. This includes things like your website usability, the cleanliness of the office, and how you answer the phone. It is the way your emails look, your spelling and grammar, what your timekeeping is like, and whether your packaging is appealing. All of these things add up to how we are perceived by our clients and customers and the people who provide services to your company.

So whilst you can brand everything from your laptop, phones or offices… remember that everything you do “is your brand”.