Branding on Social Media – A Guide For Startups

A Guide For Startups

Bringing your brand to life online is no easy feat. There are loads of stuff you need to take into consideration when giving your brand an online voice. Here is a quick and easy guide for any and all startups wanting to get their brand seen online. 

Define Your Goals 

First up it’s defining your companies goals, or in simple terms what do you want to achieve with social media? Ask yourself things like why do you want to create a brand on social media?  Is it to boost sales? Is it to interact more with your audience? To promote your work? Or maybe a combination of them all. There are so many reasons why getting your brand across through social media can be beneficial to your business, but it’s up to you to find the right goal for your company! 


Find Your Brand

Finding your brand is an important step which many of you will have from the go and many of you will find it on your journey. We feel it’s best to find your brand from the start if you can, allowing you to be consistent with your social media content. So this is things like your tone of voice, keeping your photo’s/videos ‘on brand’ so for instance if you’re a coffee shop who wants to show your a rustic/classic coffee shop posting pictures of your coffee in front of tech equipment isn’t very ‘on brand’. 


Always keep your brand in mind when creating any social content. This also includes the way you interact with people on social media. Are you a chilled out GIF sending company or do you prefer a more formal approach with your responses? Keeping it consistent with your brand is key!


Find Your Audience 

This is a big one. Failing to find where your audience actually is can have a negative impact on your attempt to conquer social media. This isn’t just as simple as the location of your audience it’s also their age, gender, interests and most importantly what is there primary social network? So if your audience is typically female aged between 18-29 with interests in hair and makeup creating content for a site like Linkedin wouldn’t be the best strategy. Don’t get me wrong as your brand grows and your audience expands then being on more social channels is only a good thing but make sure the content you produce and where you produce it is aimed at YOUR audience. 


Keep Innovating 

So you’ve grown your brand significantly online (you’re welcome) this is the stage a lot of companies begin to put less effort into their social media with the creativity lacking. We get it, it’s not easy to regularly produce fresh and interesting content but if you don’t someone else will! Keep innovating, creating new and exciting content giving your audience a reason to keep coming back, the possibilities of what you could create are endless!


Thanks for taking the time to read this week’s blog. We hope you found it helpful and interesting (of course you did). If it’s inspired you to get promoting more and bring your brand to life online then we’ve achieved what we set out to achieve!