Logo Branding

Helping You Create The Perfect Logo

Designing the perfect logo that incorporates your brand and message is no easy task. They can easily be wrongly construed. This is why we’ve created this easy guide to learn about logo branding to help you create the perfect design for your brand.

The Name 

Coming up with a good, memorable and easy to interpret name for your brand is one of the trickiest aspects when creating your company. Choosing whether or not to incorporate your name, what you do, your location or any other relevant part of your business is probably the hardest thing to do. Think about what you want people to think about your brand when hearing or seeing your name. Do you want it to sound futuristic? Luxury? Cool? Professional? There are so many variants you can choose from depending on what kind of brand image you want for your business.

The Design 

Here it is, the design! Let your creative juices flow and create something that truly represents your brand, what you do, what you stand for and most importantly make it stand out! We’ve mentioned in a previous blog about what not to do with your brand (go check it out) and copying a logo design is one of the things we mentioned so don’t do that! 

You need to take into consideration what you want to incorporate in the design, whether it’s just a simple letter of your name, an image, the full name, an abbreviation or whatever else you feel suits your brand’s design. Choose wisely and don’t over complicate the logo by trying to incorporate everything! 

The Colours

Choosing your colour may seem unimportant but in actual fact without even realising it immediately says a lot about your brand. Check out this useful chart we found online to help with what we’re trying to say.

Spread The Logo

Once you’ve completed your logo design and it’s ready for the world to see, then do just that! Spread the logo in whatever way you can, all over social media, in and around your workspace and attend events! One pro tip we have is get your logo stickerfied, that way you can LITERALLY take your logo everywhere you go. Just stick it to your laptop, phone or vehicle and imagine how many people will see it!


Thanks for reading this week’s blog, we hope you have fun creating your brand’s logo and when you’re finished come back here to STKRS and get sticky!