Pushing Your Brand in 2020

Make Your Brand Sticky!

It’s no secret that according to the Chinese Zodiac 2020 is the year of the sticker, right? So what better time than now to get ordering some stickers to push your brand and promote it in front of the right people! Here’s our helpful guide on how YOU can push your brand and elevate your company to the next level in 2020. 


Improve Your Brand 


So, 2019’s over. Now is the perfect time for you to look at how you’ve branded your business and yourself over the last 12 months. Have you made changes throughout the year that has improved your brand reach? Great, keep going! If not, this blog is for you.


Improving your brand isn’t just making your logo prettier or using brighter colours, it’s everything to do with your business. From the content you create to the way you treat your customers, your brand is all-encompassing detailing everything customers need to know about your business. 


If you’re struggling to get the perfect branding for your business take a different approach to look at your business and view it from the customers perspective. Assess, your companies brand and ask yourself is this what I want people to think or know about my company? If the answer is no, then check out our other blog on Success and how re-branding can turn your business into the one you want it to be. If the answer to the above question is yes, then it’s time to promote it and spread the word to the right people. 




There are countless ways you can promote your brand depending on your product, audience, and budget which will affect all these elements individually. This is where we come into it! No matter your location, audience, budget we have stickers to suit all and they are genuinely an awesome way to spread your brand like wildfire, hence why SO many startups use us! Give them out at events, stick them on phones, laptops, vehicles or even stick them on yourself, whatever floats your boat! It gets your brand out there for the whole world to see, so go order some and start to #BRANDEVERYTHING