The Production Of STKRS


The Full Process From A Proof To A Package


The sticker. The greatest invention since sliced bread or the wheel. Probably. It’s a product everyone loves, but how is it made and what is the process STKRS take in order to get that sticky goodness to your front door? 

It may be hard for you to believe but we use actual human beings here at STKRS to get your order complete and not computer programmed robots. I know we’re quite old fashioned in that sense but we just find humans do a better job of it. Sometimes. We plan on creating a virtual tour of the studio so you can see first hand how it all happens but until then we’ve created the next best thing… A blog! 


We presume you know all about the history of the sticker and what it’s made from after reading our previous internet phenomenon blog titled – ‘History of The Sticker’. If you haven’t, go read it! But read this first as I’ve already used an entire paragraph enticing you in…

Ready? Good! 


The Design

As a regular orderer of STKRS you probably already know about this part of the process but if not, don’t worry this will help you out after you inevitably order some stickers after reading this blog. You’ve got your logo or design ready to be stickerfied, this is where you send our in house designers your creation to be proofed with cut lines implemented. Once the image is received one of our *incredibly talented graphic designers*AD 

will mock up a proof design for you to see before sending it off for the robo- I mean PEOPLE in the production department to make a start with the next step!


The 4 P’s


Printing – Our technically advanced digital printers print your custom high-quality stickers onto sheets before being transported into the plotter (cutting machine) where they are individually cut.  

Poking – The process our production team undergoes to poke out all the custom sticker designs ready for you. 

Photographing – The next stage before the stickers are sent on their individual journeys is to have them photographed in our in-house photography studio. 

Packing – Once the stickers have finished their shoot they are then packed lovingly into our custom STKRS boxes ready to be shipped directly to you!

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Post Posting

The final part of the process is where yours truly comes into it. Post (after) posting out your STKRS order we then kindly bribe you into giving us a Google review in return for a discount on your next order. Trust us, it works like a charm…

 Jokes aside gaining these reviews really helps us out in our quest for sticker domination.

We then use your awesome sticker designs that we’ve already photographed for the websites ‘Our Customers’ page and an endless supply of social media posts! (All of this is done with your consent of course.)


And that’s it! The full STKRS production process. Now I’m guessing after reading this blog you want to order some STKRS for yourself! We hear ya, go wild –