Sticker tips and tricks


Tips and tricks to make your stickers even more useful.

You now have a few hundred stickers so what’s next?
What do you do that will make them actually useful?

Here’s a tip…give them away and stick them on stuff.

Actually we know that that is not actually a tip, because it is almost like a ‘law of nature’ that you will actually want to stick them to something…everything even!

In our time printing stickers we’ve seen a few of our smart customers do great things with their stickers, so we’re going to let you in on their secrets and hopefully you’ll be able to make your stickers have a bit more utility.

Tip One: We’ll start with the low hanging fruit first. Be a self-promoter. Stick them on everything that is yours, like your laptop, ipad, phone, desk, bike, mug, friend’s bike and mug. Be shameless in your promotion. The more people see your logo the more familiar they are with it and the more likely they are to think of you we the need arises, it’s some subliminal advertising voodoo.


Tip Two: Take pictures of your stickers on relevant or irrelevant items and places. If your app is about security, stick your logo sticker on a chain-wire fence and then construct a tweet around this, or use them in your blog posts. Check out our social media for ideas, Jaz loves taking a bunch of stickers and photographing them on stuff.


Tip Three: This is where the trackability comes in. Ask your customers to tweet pictures of your stickers, then you can see where your stickers go. If you are at an event and you plonk a load of stickers on a desk you have no idea who has them, so ask on social media, even leave a not next to the pile of stickers. Also, people are more likely to take them out the swag bag and stick them on something if you ask then to photograph it. They get a tiny bit of fame you get a bit of social media gold. Win Win.


Tip Three Point Five: Ask your customers to tweet pictures of your stickers…but make a game or competition out of it. Who can photograph the most unusually placed sticker? Who can place the most prominent sticker? Who can take the best pic with your sticker in? I once placed a sticker on the side of a mountaintop hut in the Alps…it’s probably the highest sticker in the world…or it was, until one of our customers placed one at base camp on Everest. Warning these can get you into trouble depending on how sensible your target audience is. But you probably won’t go to prison…I think (best get legal advice if you’re worried). The competition doesn’t have to be for swag or stuff it could just be for kudos.


Tip Four: Next level integration. We love augmented reality here, so on a number of occasions, we have created augmented stickers with the likes of Blippar, Layar and Vuforia. The great thing about these apps and integrations is that the stickers are just standard, but once you scan the sticker, with your phone app, they can bring a whole load of extra content to the customer. They can be fun animations or videos, games, secret areas of your website, or even just extra information, but the great thing is they are trackable. With the backend software, you can see how many people have scanned your stickers and clicked your links.


So the humble sticker can be much more use than you might have thought, but here is one last tip before we drop the coupon.

We have found over the years that pictorial or icon based stickers seem to go down the best, this might be a bit annoying if your logo is just text, but you might want to think about how you can put your logo on something that people want to put on their laptop…if it is fun, cute, scary or just plain interesting you are more likely to get someone loving it enough to stick on their device. Obviously, you can make awesome products that people want to be associated with too…in fact, you should definitely do that 🙂