Top 5 Tips For Designing Stickers

A Guide For Beginners

We’re back with another blog for you sticker fanatics! This blog is a guide for the beginners who might be ordering for the first time. We’re here to help you and give you our best top 5 tips for designing stickers! 

Get Creative 

The beauty of sticky merch is it allows you to let your creative juices flow unlike any other merch out there. Experiment with different colours of your design, add extras to your design, turn them holographic, the possibilities for creativity are endless with sticky stickers! 


Use Script fonts 

One of our favourite stickers that we feel stand out are script font stickers! Get your company name or a text of your choice and turn them into a bubbly fun script sticker to stand out amongst the crowd. 


Add Extra Info

With stickers, you don’t just need a logo or an image as a sticker you get any and all info you want! Spread a message, let people see your social tags, spread your website to the masses! All of these things and more can be done with stickers, so get a message and get sticky.


Keep It Simple

That being said, don’t overload a sticker with EVERYTHING to do with you or your company. By this we mean get separate stickers of your logo then ones of your website for example. Trying to cram your logo, name, website and any extras will just overcrowd the sticker and won’t give it the individual awesomeness it deserves! 


Use high-resolution Files 

When you have the perfect design ready give it the high resolution it deserves to make the design come out of our printer looking the best that it can. We accept a wide variety of file formats on our site so no excuse for not getting that perfect high res finish! *emoji*


Thanks for reading this week’s STKRS Study blog, we hope you found our tips useful and are now ready to get stickaaaayyyy!