A Brief History Of STKRS And Why To Use Us


The Creation of STKRS

Once upon a time, there was a graphic design business named Dogtooth, who created two websites to sell stickers, one called Wall Glamour and the other called Gadget Glamour. Gadget Glamour spawned the greatest sticker production company since the Avery Dennison Corporation (The guy who invented the sticker – check out The History Of The Sticker blog for more.)


The year was 2009, Gadget Glamour produced sticker skins for technology, primarily phones, iPads, and laptops. The business was a success, creating designs for high profile companies like Yammer (Microsoft) and Rovio (the guys behind Angry Birds). For the first couple of years, the technology skins were a hit, the company found it’s customers in the startup world and all was going great, but the main feedback from customers was that they preferred their logo as a small sticker to give away. Time and time again “the market” demanded the smaller logo stickers, even though the skins were a hit.


Thus, STKRS was born in 2012. 


Building The Brand 


STKRS started on a nondescript website on Tumblr, it was all a bit slow, and we made some missteps, but gradually the brand we have today came into view. We produced stickers for anyone but mainly within tech and startup companies, as we had the personal contacts in the UK’s startup world. This route to market spawned a mini-site called StartupStickers, which at the time was only ever an SEO strategy. However despite our brand always being STKRS people started to refer to us as StartupStickers something we utilised on Twitter, but we still had the niggling feeling that we were confusing our brand….but sales are sales right, so we pressed on.


We worked with some great accelerator programmes in the north and midlands which helped the brand. Over the years we began to steadily grow and perfect our product along the way, making sure we learnt from all feedback positive and negative. In the background, we built a service that transcended our visual brand, the key to this was a high-quality vinyl and a reputation for delivering a helpful and friendly service. But because we were OCD about “brand” we had to somehow get back to STKRS and not lose our StartupStickers reputation. Carrying on as StartupStickers would pigeon hole us as a company into a sector we loved, but that was never our singular goal. Startups were and still are the largest group of customers we work with, but we wanted to “see other people too…” to work with brands outside startups. So in 2018 we finally came back to where we started in 2012 and had a logo refresh and switched our website over to STKRS or stkrs.io to be precise and the rest is history. 


Uses of STKRS


So, after that brief history lesson, the real reason you started reading this blog. Why us? Well, we could ramble on for ages about how we think we’re the best sticker company in the world etcetera etcetera but, we don’t like to brag. And how do you define that anyway? But the proof is in the pudding just order some and see for yourself!


But as for the uses, the possibilities with using our stickers are endless. Each sticker we supply is printed on our Latex or UV printers, then die-cut on our vinyl cutter and shipped to our happy customers who have found all sorts of ways of putting their STKRS to use. The most popular use is as event giveaways to promote your brand, who doesn’t love receiving a freebie? And who doesn’t want to peel the back off a sticker and stick it somewhere? And now they’re stuck to something they become a mini-sign that shouts “here I am”. So when we say “#BRANDEVERYTHING” we mean it guerilla marketing style. Stick them to equipment, packaging, doors, windows, walls, floors, clothes, books, signposts, plant pots, coffee pots, mugs, desks, I think you get the point. 



We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality product and unparalleled customer service to anyone who orders with us. We ship free to the UK, a wide variety of bespoke custom sticker types available in all different shapes, sizes, finishes and quantities to ultimately help you BRANDEVERYTHING. Want to see if all this is true? Click the link below and order your STKRS today!