10 Seasonal Stocking Stuffers By STKRS


Gift Ideas For You This Christmas

It’s that time of year again. One minute you’re sipping Pina Coladas in the sun the next you’re de-icing your car to the sound of The Pogues. Time flies right?! It’s because of that fast transition that you forget you have a list of people to buy presents for. Don’t worry, we’ve sorted you out! Here’s a list of 10 gifts we think you should be sending or receiving this year…  

10 – Smartphone Gloves 

It’s cold outside but the digital world doesn’t stop. Don’t let the cold win ever again with these smartphone gloves! You have that burning urge to crush some candy, fling some angry birds or “checking emails” as you tell people… Well, when the ‘blizzard’ hits you can comfortably stand in that 1-inch of snow on your phone, blissfully unaware of those poor mortals who have to suffer with numb fingers. 

Check it out here!


9 – Onion Goggles           


Be honest, we all did it. We all watched Titanic and said we were “chopping onions…”

That excuse won’t cut it anymore buddy! Now you can have these onion goggles, allowing you to chop till your heart’s content without shedding a single tear!

Check it out here! 


8 – Self-stirring Mug       

It gets to that point in the afternoon when you’re on your final coffee or tea of the day and even the process of stirring your drink becomes an effort. Well, if you’re lazy like me or you posses the upper body strength of a jellyfish then this gift is perfect! It’s tech beyond NASA’s wildest dreams! Well, it’s a battery connected to a very small wisk, but that’s pretty state of the art if you ask me!

Check it out here!  


7 – Chocolate Sprouts     

If you happen to be one of ‘those’ people who can somehow keep sprouts down then this gift isn’t for you. Hey, I’m not judging, I have a cousin who eats crayons so whatever floats your boat… But, if you are like me and can’t stand the little green spawns of satan then you’ll never have to suffer again! Plate some of these to accompany your Christmas dinner and turn sprout eating into an enjoyable feast. 

Check it out here!  


6 – Face Mouse Mat   

Who wouldn’t want to look at your face for 8 hours a day right?! Well, now they can with this custom face mouse mat. Not much else to say really, its a mat. For your mouse. With a face. Go buy one! 😁

Check it out here!


5 – Scribble Alarm Clock   

We can all admit we set alarms for things and forget why we set them. Right? No? Just me? Ok… 

Well if you are like me and forget things regularly or know someone who does, send them this gift! Scribble your message on the screen provided set the alarm and bang! Never forget anything ever again.

Check it out here!


4 – Waterproof Notepad   

Now this one is awesome! How many times do you come up with awesome ideas in the shower in between belting out Wham’s greatest hits? Daily! Your spontaneous moments of genius can now be remembered forever with this, a waterproof notepad. Stick it in the shower, come up with awesome ideas and jot them down.

Check it out here!


3 – Geek Pen 

This isn’t just a regular pen, no it’s not an M&S pen either. It’s a Geek Pen! Marketing itself with 5 bonus features, it’s really only 4 bonus features as 1 of the features is the ability to write, which if you ask me is the least I’d expect from a pen… I digress, this pen features 4* amazing bonus features including UV light, laser, flashlight and touch tip for tech.

Check it out here!


2 – Mini Hoover     

For decades the human race has struggled to keep their desk dust-free, with regular hoovers destroying more than they clean when mounted on a desk. I really should stop doing that, this is my 3rd monitor this year… Well, now I can and so can you! With a mini henry hoover, giving you full access to all those hard to reach areas on the desk and cleaning your workspace quicker than my boss can say “Not another monitor?!!!”

Check it out here!


1 – Stickers!             

I think this was an obvious one, wasn’t it? It’s at No.1 and for a good reason! They’re awesome, and that’s not cause I’m paid to say so, they genuinely are! Send some sticky joy to someone you love this Christmas! Now, go on you’ve made it this far, might as well get some…

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