The Power of Your Customer

Create Awesome Customer Relationships

Knowing the power your customers wield is something to always bear in mind, not just for their sales but the impact they can have on growing your business to a wider audience. In this week’s blog, we’ll be discussing customer retention and what you can do to make a customer come back and spread your brand for you. Ultimately you want to make sure that every customer loves everything about you and your brand. From your product, service, website everything! If only there were a catchy term to incorporate that… 🤔

Word of Mouth

A massively underestimated form of spreading your business or brand is through classic word of mouth. If people aren’t talking about you, it’s much harder for others to know about you. We assume you are already but you need to make sure you give every customer a reason to remember you and talk about you. Nobody talks about an ok product, people talk about products/services at both ends of the scale. The best and the worst. So make sure you’re at the right end of the scale and get your customers talking about you. You can do this in various ways, like going the extra mile for them, adding some freebies to an order, giving them free sessions if you provide a service. Small acts of kindness can go a long way!


How To Hold Customer Retention 

Customer retention is what you want, how do you maintain it? Good question! The key is to always treat your customers as your top priority, put them first every time and your acts of selflessness will be rewarded. The importance of doing this for customers is often overlooked, as without realising they’re helping your business grow by not only continuously coming back but bringing customers too. The more they love you the more likely they are to recommend you to a friend, family member or colleague. This also goes for the whole team within a business, everyone needs to make customers love the business and how do you do that? Make the employees love the business too! But that’s a whole other blog for another day…



So, in conclusion, maintaining a customer relationship may once have felt like a secondary worry but in actual fact, it’s a top priority for business retention and growth. We hope if you aren’t already doing these things that you have a clearer outlook and how to retain and grow your audience through relationships and the power it can have over your business. In a nutshell 

  • Exceed expectations, always go that extra mile for EVERYONE 
  • Care about what you do and who you deal with 
  • Make your employees love your brand and they will spread that love.

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